1290 Snowden Rd
Elena and Kevin Smith
White Salmon
(509) 493-3138

We are small scale producers of prime grass-fed beef. Our beef is dry aged and cut/wrapped to your specifications. We sell in halves and quarters. We may have shares available for 2008. Contact us for details.

PO Box 104
Chelly Sayer

Premium young wether goats naturally raised on mountain pasture can be delivered to Buxtons in Sandy, OR for USDA certified processing to your specifications for a minimum 2 goat order and a reasonable delivery fee. Whole goats 150.00 a head in 2008 – sold out. Whole young goat 190.00 each in 2009, ready in September for seasonal menus. Average finished weight before processing 120lbs.

5300 York Hill Drive
Maggie Guth and Silas Bleakley
Hood River
541 386 2411

Our 65 hens are here in the valley where they are forest grazed, free to roam, vegetarian fed (except for bugs and worms), antibiotic free, happy, healthy, chirpy birds. We only feed our girls all-natural and animal-free feed, organic veggie scraps and organic mushroom stumps care of Hood River Organic. This way, the eggs they produce are as healthy for you as they possibly can be.

11360 Hwy 14
Dan Lee

We are a family-owned ranch that has been in the cattle industry for almost 80 years. We sell hormone free beef that is grass fed and finished on locally grown hay and corn. You can buy 1/4 or 1/2 beef and we have limited quantities of cut and wrapped beef variety packs. We butcher 1 time a year in the spring.

51 Thun Road
Sue & Sam Davis

Pasture raised pork. Limited availability. Meat will be ready Fall 2008.

6200 Hwy 35
Theresa draper
Mt Hood

Open year- around self serve after hours. Hood River Valleys only non-pasteurized cider mill. Fresh or frozen apple and speacialty flavors. U-Pick or we pick cherries,peaches,apples pears strawberries. All natural premium lamb cuts. Our famous cinnamon sugar dried apples. Petting zoo. Vacation rental available for family’s to stay on the farm.

6124 Emerson-Roberts Mkt Road
David and Margaret Brewer
The Dalles

We are a fifth generation family farm located near The Dalles. We believe in producing healthy food in harmony with nature. Our commitment to the long term health of the land, animals and people involved has earned us Food Alliance Certicifation for sustainable production practices. Our natural beef has no antibiotics, no artificial growth hormones, no GMO feeds and an all vegetarian diet. All calves are born and raised on the farm. Our chickens are pasture raised also.

PO Box 202
Lisa Larson
Trout Lake
(509) 395-2689

Five Star Farm started in 1994 with a vision of keeping livestock that are hardy, profitable and pleasing to the eye. We are a family of five that raise nationally recognized registered Highland Cattle breeding stock and high quality beef. Cattle are grass-finished in spring and early summer and then cut to order; we sell by whole, half, and mixed quarter.

P.O. Box 186
Paul and Sally Newell

Our principal crop is lamb, which we direct market locally. These are high quality, natural, unvaccinated lambs born and grown on our place. We deliver the lambs to the local butcher when they are ready (about 6 mos) and put the customer’s name on them. They are cut to order. Local mom and pop operation. Our lambs are grass-fed and grain finished, unless the customer specifies otherwise. We are very small, (less than 20 per year), the animals are lovingly tended by ourselves on our little place on Underwood. We grow a large garden each year and have sold green beans and flowers at the consignment booth at the Gorge Grown Farmer’s Market.

472 Sunnyside Road
Pat Arnold
Trout Lake

Eggs are my main product. The chickens are truly free-range. The door is opened in the morning and they come and go as they please until they put themselves to roost at night. Vegetarian feed, but not organic. No medicines, additives, etc. Eggs are seasonal, as chickens lay according to daylight.