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806 West Steuben
PO Box 405

Laurie Walker
509-493-2636 Ext. 1

Dickey farms was homesteaded 1867 Henderson/Warner Farms. It became Dickey Farms in 1921 & now spans 7 generations. Approximately 72 acres are farmed with rotating crops throughout the season. The crops harvested are: green onions, spinach, green cabbage, green beans, tomatoes, sweet corn, eggplant, peppers, summer squash, cucumbers, winter squash, cherries, peaches & apricots. the farm is GAP & Food Alliance certified.

2927 Eliot Dr
Amanda Thomas
Hood River

We are a small family owned and operated flower farm nestled in the Heights district of Hood River, Oregon. We have been providing our gorge-tested plants and bulbs, as well as our beautiful bouquets, to the area since 1983. Eliot Woods Farm was one of the original vendors of our local Saturday market, and we are happy to have helped people beautify their homes, celebrate special occasions, and fill out gardens both big and small. Ecological minded, we take pride in providing both cut flowers and plant starts that are not exposed to pesticides, and bouquets that are not laden with preservatives; we are able to pass on those savings to you! Whether you need something for date night or a large order for a wedding, we can work with you to get you the perfect arrangement.

2320 Riverdale Road
Eli Fried & Danielle Vaughan
Hood River

We are a raw goat dairy and we sell everything on a sliding scale. If you are unfamiliar with sliding scale pricing, there’s a price range on every product. If you can only afford the lower end- that’s great, that’s why it’s there! If you can afford it and would like to pay a little more, you are welcome to do so. We want healthy, fresh, nutritious food to be accessible to everyone regardless of income. We think people that have the means will pay a little more so that those who can’t will still be able to eat healthy and our books will balance in the long run.

P.O. Box 815
De Converse

On our family operated farm, run on organic and sustainable principles, we produce all things redworms and worm castings, and available in any quantity to you! This allows us to grow and produce our fine and unique pestos, and grow peppers, peashoots, sunflower shoots, moringa, Chinese water spinach, as well as more traditional veggies some grown in our aquaponics system (fish available soon), and some traditional garden style. We have quail eggs from our hardy flock of coturnix quail. We also produce tastey edible insects: mealworms and banded crickets.

4700 Dee Highway
Dan Thall
Hood River

We are a year-round cooperative CSA working exclusively with local organic family farms. We grow apples, pears, blueberries, strawberries, mushrooms and a variety of vegetables from our gardens.

4693 Westwood Drive
Anne Lerch
Hood River

Hood River Vineyards is the Gorge’s oldest winery. We are family-owned and operated, and grow and make table wines, ports, sherry, and hard cider.

1381 Snowden Rd
Laura Bazzetta
White Salmon

We practice regenerative agriculture, raising heritage breed livestock and heirloom specialty crops. We improve our pastures, soils, streams, and forests every year through rotational multi-species grazing and dryland-farming with no irrigation. We use only natural methods to manage the health of our plants, animals, and the people they nourish — GMO-free, antibiotic-free, chemical-free.

4730 Emerson Loop Road
Anne Kelly
The Dalles

Kelly Wheat Pancake Mix is produced with soft white wheat grown on a fifth generation farm in Wasco County. Our flour is whole grain, low protein and produces light, fluffy delicious pancakes, waffles and baked goods.

9774 Hwy 14
Cassie Courtney

Family-owned and operated winery crafting over 50 award-winning wines . Offering spectacular views of the Columbia River Gorge from its destination winery and world-class concerts in its 4,000 seat outdoor amphitheater.

6670 Trout Creek Ridge
Trina McAlexander

We are a small family multigenerational farm that grows fruit with our farming friends in our minds. We love being farmers and invite you all out to taste and see our harvests each year.