Mobile Farmers' Market


Imagine fresh produce: ­blueberries, beans, cherries, tomatoes and much more - grown around the Gorge and picked fresh, available every week in rural Gorge communities.


Every year, we make that a reality!



Each summer we fill our trucks with locally-grown produce from farmers all around the Gorge and then sell them throughout the Gorge at designated weekly sites.


Gorge Grown’s Mobile Farmers’ Market is a community food enterprise that brings fresh, healthy produce to rural communities and helps provide a local market opportunity for small farmers each weekend during the summer months. We work closely with residents to build and sustain vibrant small markets that build community engagement and self-sufficiency, improve access to food, and help small farmers succeed.


The mobile market accepts SNAP/Food Stamps and debit cards too!




2014 Mobile Market Schedule


Goldendale Farmers’ Market

Dates: June 7 - September 27

Times: Saturdays, 9-2 pm

Place: Ekone Park, Goldendale, WA

Mosier Farmers' Market

Dates: June 22 - September 28
Times: Sundays, 4-7 pm
Place: The Dwelling Station, downtown Mosier, OR

Sherman County Farmers’ Market

Dates: June 29 - September 14

Times: Sundays, 9-1 pm

Place: City Park, downtown Moro

Stevenson Farmers’ Market

Dates: June 21 - October 11

Times: Saturdays, 10-1 pm

Place: Courthouse lawn on Hwy 14, downtown Stevenson, WA

White Salmon Farmers’ Market

Dates: July 1 - September 30

Times: Tuesdays, 4-7 pm

Place: 320 E Jewett Street, downtown White Salmon, WA


Project Information


The GGFN Mobile Market has two goals:
1. Increase access to locally grown fresh foods for rural Gorge communities
2. Increase local market opportunities for small farmers in the Columbia Gorge region


The Mobile Market was born out of a community meeting and piloted in 2008 with the help of local donors. We purchased a 1994 Ford box truck, outfitted it with coolers, shelves, and a reconfigured stand-up freezer unit, and hit the road. For the past several years we have operated the Mobile Market like a business: it requires only a small amount of outside funding (approximately $5,000) to break even based on revenue. But as the economic activity generated at each Mobile Market has grown, with beginning farmers seeing their sales increase and gaining confidence in their ability to succeed, so has demand grown for our assistance to help these farmers scale up and access additional market opportunities in the region, and for us to help communities develop more consistent local outlets for fresh produce that are accessible to all.



The Mobile Market has acted as a market catalyst to develop community-specific solutions in underserved communities that meet their specific needs: in Stevenson, WA (pop 1,400), the weekly Mobile visit has evolved into a thriving small farmers’ market. In Mosier, OR (pop 490), the bustling Mobile Market site has also developed into a farmers' market that has become a weekly event not to be missed, attended by at least half the population of the town.



In 2012 with the help of a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture, several local business sponsors, and the donations of community members, we were able to add a sprinter van to our mobile market family.



Gorge Grown would like to thank all the businesses and organizations that have made the Mobile Market possible for the last several years, and present our 2014 Mobile Market sponsors!









Questions? Comments? Contact us. Click here to read about our Mobile Market in Edible Portland!

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