Stillwater Pastures

Contact: Brian Gray
PO Box 269
Parkdale OR 97041
County: Hood River
Phone: 541-490-7591
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Farms & Ranches



Free Wheeling Beef

Grass fed and pasture raised pork

Free of hormones and antibiotics

Free of synthetic fertilizers

Buy local



USDA INSPECTED and licensed to sell

individual cuts or by the 1/4

Raised in Parkdale, OR
5251 McIntosh Dr


Call for prices - price includes delivery


We are raising cows, and pigs on the family farm my Grandfather purchased in 1962. We think it’s important to raise our livestock in a way that respects the animal’s natural behavior. For example, Cows are free to be in herds, move around freely in our different pastures and eat grass that is free of chemical fertilizers. Furthermore, the pigs love to dig in the soil and eat roots, then in the heat of the day, hunker down in the nice cool soil for a nap. Here on Stillwater Pastures (dba: Stillwater Ranch Inc) we let the animals follow their instincts.


Common Questions –


-Do you have an address for questions?


- Is there a minimum order?

           NO, but I would like to find a delivery day that works for all.


-What cuts are included?

          Steaks, roasts, ribs, ground beef

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